I feel that it is important to explain that if you want postal delivery of  films and games then the only  real option is Amazon Prime. For this to be included you would need to pay a few more pounds per month for the postal package than the streaming package. I have found this useful as we can choose the films that are going to come through the post and rate what ones we would prefer to see in the correct order. This has worked well with the family as the children can take turns in choosing the ones they would like to watch. Netflix have not yet offered this choice to the UK and is only for the streaming purpose only.

DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s are sent to you via the post. Once you are done with the film simply place it back in it’s holder and drop  it  into a postbox. Once received, they will automatically send you the next DVD that is on your list to watch. The DVD range tends to be wider and you can often get newer releases.

This postal delivery service will also be suitable for those who have a TV that does not allow for an internet connection.

As well as some of the newly released films Amazon Prime also offer newly released console games.

As well as the Play Station, Xbox and Nintendo Wii it also offers DS3D and PSP games. This is great for me as the kids and my fella can try the games out beforehand and can help to identify Christmas presents which I know they will love.

It’s also great for saving money. My husband doesn’t always have time to play computer games. He will probably not play anything for a month or two and then suddenly play a lot over two or three weeks on periods when he has more spare time. It means that he doesn’t have to spend a small fortune in order to play on computer games for a little while.


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-Amazon Prime

-NetFlix UK

And the Winner of this Round is…

With so many more options, the lack of dependency on a strong internet connection and the benefit of being able to see more up to date movies and the possibility of getting console game delivered to your door, Amazon Prime wins hands down.

I have found that both Netflix and Amazon Prime are pretty easy to get started on. Netflix  gives you the option to select certain genres that you may or may not like to watch. Here you are able to rate these and select what you prefer. This then makes it easier when you come to selecting the type of film you wish to watch and it can provide you with some recommendations in an easy to view way. It has been said that it is more user friendly.

However, I felt very comfortable setting up Amazon Prime I found it to also be straight forward and very easy to find my way around. I think it will just depend on what you as an individual prefer.

Ease of Use


It’s a Draw!!!

Both Neflix and Amazon Prime can be used on PC and Mac. However, Netflix is compatible with more devices it can be used alongside; iPad, iPhone, android tablets and smartphoes.  It can also be used with the Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Will games.  TV’s and Blu-ray players made by Pansasonic  LG and Samsung.  Now the majority of Samsung’s new Televisions now have Netflix built it.

Amazon Prime does not have this extensive range but it can be compatible with Tv’s by LG.

Which Devices?

Which Devices can Amazon Prime and Netflix be used on?


Netflix just scrapes it

Better HD Content and Surround Sound


Netflix does offer a better HD content where available and some even offer 5.1 surround sound.  This will be important when streaming on a larger television as standard definition will not look as impressive and sometimes slightly blurry. It has also previously been noted that Netflix have some closed caption subtitles this will be very useful for those who have hearing impairments? Or speak another language.

Amazon Prime only currently offers a standard definition at this time. This has not yet caused any problems for my TV and also appears absolutely fine on by PC too. Read our full guide on streaming resolution by clicking here.


Netflix Wins it

Usability, Devices and Quality

And the Winner of this Round is…

Netflix either wins or draws on all three counts and so is the undisputed winner.

However, Netflix only just won in the second two and so it was a tight round with both sides throwing punches.


Online Streaming

Probably the most important for many people in the Netflix vs Amazon Prime debate. Who’s the best streaming video provider?

Amazon Prime seem to have a much wider variety of films but sadly this is not the same for the streaming library. My research has shown that Amazon Prime currently have over  5,500 movies available and Amazon are adding to this promptly .

However, over  1,500 of these films are not incorporated within the package and you would need to pay up to an additional £3.50? to stream these from the Amazon Prime Box Office. Netflix have stated that they will not provide pay per view content within the UK.

On occasions I have found the Amazon Prime Box Office has held the newer releases which the children are waiting to watch eagerly. This has meant they I have ended up paying for these on top of the monthly fee we are already paying for.  Therefore, if it is new releases that you are after you may decide to choose to rent the films individually through

Amazon Prime’s box office or other services.

I am not saying that there is not a variety of films as there are a huge number of newly released films available to stream which are high profile.

On the other hand Netflix allows you access to their entire range within its library with the one monthly fee, you can feel comfortable that there are no extra hidden costs.

It is clear that Netflix does not offer the same selection of films available that Amazon Prime has. Netflix does provide a good variety of well known, older films however the US has a larger selection which makes me feel that we may be missing out on this.

Amazon Prime UK does have the larger content and choices available compared to Netflix. However, due to the agreements with some major studios, Netflix UK does hold promise for the future.

And the Winner of this Round is…

With so many more options, the lack of dependency on a strong internet connection and the benefit of being able to see more up to date movies and the possibility of getting console game delivered to your door, Amazon Prime wins hands down.

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Value for Money

Therefore, Amazon Prime is initially the cheaper option for pure streaming by £1. Remember though that this price is based on Amazon Prime’s pure streaming option. Prices will differ depending on the package that you choose. Obviously, packages with more features are more expensive.

Amazon Prime has a selection of different packages which depends on the number of films we would want to rent at one time. Amazon Prime instant is £4.99 which has been reduced this year to beat the price of Netflix when it was introduced to the UK. There is also an option for the ‘Box Officer’ choice and paying per view.

Netflix has one price only of £5.99 per month for unlimited streaming.


Amazon Prime Instant


Instant + Post

Instant + Post + Console Games


Unlimited instant streaming.

( No DVD’s/ Blu – rays)

3 Discs per month.

(1 disc out at a time)

Instant streaming + Unlimited DVDs and Blu-rays by post

Instant streaming + Unlimited DVDs and Blu-rays & Games




£7.99 (1 Disc at a time)

£9.99 (2 Discs at a time)

£13.27 (3 Discs at a time)

£11.22 (2 Discs at a time)

£14.99 (3 Discs at a time)

The Different Amazon Prime Pricing Plans

And the Winner of this Round is…

With so many more options, the lack of dependency on a strong internet connection and the benefit of being able to see more up to date movies and the possibility of getting console game delivered to your door, Amazon Prime wins hands down.

Image quality and devices

On review, Netflix is can sometimes be simpler and more straightforward to use.

Netflix also outperforms Lovefilm on quality. When it comes to what looks and sounds better on the big screen, this will appeal to the high resolution afficionado’s amongst us

Postal Delivery and Value for Money

On the whole, Amazon Prime outperforms Netflix., offering a much great range of films for streaming. For streaming only, Amazon Prime is currently £1 cheaper per month than Netflix whilst also offering a better experience in many peoples opinions.

Netflix has a variety of different packages to suit the customer, whereas Netflix offer just streaming in the UK at this time. Postal packages offer access to newer films and are ideal for those without consoles and internet access. Amazon Prime offers better value for money hands down.

In Conclusion…

Amazon Prime will be best choice for the majority of people. However, for the affionados, avid TV series watchers and people that take the little things a little more seriously, Netflix may be the best choice.

Both offer 30 day free trials with no contract after the first month. Both can be easily cancelled and so the best advice would be to try them both and see what you would prefer to use. I recommend you start with a free trial of Amazon Prime and, if you’re not happy with Amazon Prime, give the free trial of Netflix a go.

The UK Champion

Until early 2012, Amazon Prime, previously known as Lovefilm (owned by Amazon) was the only company that offered this kind of service. No more hassle going to blockbuster in the pouring rain.It had been streaming since 2009 with no competition.

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Usability  Postal Delivery Prices Devices Quality Streaming

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Which is better? Make up your own mind…

Try them both out for free!

I’ve researched and purchased both Netflix UK and Amazon Prime to compare their key features and help you make the right choice. If you’re undecided, both Amazon Prime and Netflix offer a free one-month trial. But which one really offers the best value when all the pro’s and cons are considered? My findings are below...

Netflix or Lovefilm Comparison

The US Challenger

However, this is a now rapidly changing. As of January 2012, Netflix have now branched into the UK with their online streaming service. Does this mean serious Lovefilm competition is finally here? I think so.

And the Overall Winner is Amazon Prime!

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I have also written a review for Now TV and Wuaki TV which  both  also offer a 30 day free trial.

Lucy James

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Can the US Challenger (Netflix) beat the UK Heavyweight (Amazon Prime)?

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Please note that Amazon is no longer using the Lovefilm brand. Instead, from the end of February 2014 this has now changed to Amazon Prime Instant Video.

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