Wuaki.TV Review: a UK Contender in the On-Demand Streaming TV and Movie Market

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There’s a new rival to Netflix and Amazon Prime (previously known as Lovefilm) in the UK streaming media sweepstakes: Wuaki.TV. This streaming service from e-commerce giants Rakuten (Play.com, Buy.com…) has already caused a stir in its homeland of Spain, where Wuaki TV is a market leader for online video streaming with more than 600,000 registered users. From this promising start, Wuaki TV has set its sights on the UK by launching a free trial Beta version of its service at www.wuaki.tv.

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What Makes Wuaki.TV Unique?

Wuaki.TV’s unique selling point is that as well as offering a subscription streaming service, Wuaki Plus, that promises “hundreds of hours of entertainment” for a fixed monthly price of £5.99, Wuaki.TV users also get the chance to rent or purchase new releases as they hit the shelves. Wuaki TV claims to be the only company offering this level of flexibility in the UK.

Key Features of Wuaki.TV

Wuaki.TV vs. Netflix

Wuaki.TV combines an unlimited streaming subscription service like Netflix with a pay-per-view service for new releases and Wuaki.TV currently costs £1 less per month. This means that if you are interested in seeing the latest TV shows or movies on demand on a pay-per-view basis, whilst still enjoying unlimited streaming, Wuaki.TV may be a good choice for you.

However, Netflix currently has a larger database of TV shows and films that can be streamed as part of the subscription service.

Wuaki.TV vs. Amazon Prime (previously known as Lovefilm)

Wuaki.TV’s steaming service currently costs £1 less than Amazon Prime and you have the option to buy or rent movies or TV shows which do not feature in Wuaki.TV Selection’s content library. Amazon Prime and Wuaki.TV differ in their approach to watching shows or films on-demand. Whilst you can stream these on Wuaki.TV, you receive them through the post with Amazon Prime. This delay between wanting and watching can put some off Amazon Prime but the costs you pay for each film from Wuaki.TV (both old and new) vary so much it may be financially worthwhile waiting a day or two for your film to arrive from Amazon Prime.

Again, Wuaki.TV’s content library is lacking compared to Lovefilm’s. Have a look and see what Amazon Prime offer for free by clicking here.

Wuaki.TV vs. Blinkbox

Blinkbox allows you to rent and buy without subscription. In this sense, it’s in competition with Wuaki.TV’s on-demand service without Wuaki.TV Selection. As these are both subscription-free, a cost effective option would be to use both in conjunction – search both databases for the film or show you want to watch and choose which has it and for the best price or resolution options.

Wuaki.TV vs. NOW TV

NOW TV’s biggest selling point is that it offers non-Sky users the chance to access live sports and Sky Movies’ huge database of films. Whilst Wuaki.TV does not feature sports, NOW TV is a clear winner in that respect. NOW TV’s movie service offers a “Sky Movies Pass” that lasts a month and costs £8.99. It boasts the biggest and best films 12 months before Netflix or Amazon Prime. Whilst the initial pay-out might be more expensive than Wuaki.TV’s streaming service, you may save money in the long-run watching the latest blockbusters. NOW TV does not offer the ability to buy films.

If you are completely new to online movie streaming services then I recommend you try either the Amazon Prime free trial (click the link given above) or the Now TV Free Trial. If you have been using Netflix or Amazon Prime and are looking for something a little different I still recommend Now TV.

Our Verdict

Wuaki.TV offers a wide range of viewing and payment options which may suit many people. However, some subscribers to the monthly service may find themselves paying more each month to buy/rent films or TV shows which aren’t included in the Wuaki Plus entertainment library. In this respect, the “unlimited access” of Wuaki Plus can become quite limiting and the Wuaki.TV/Wuaki Plus services don’t quite gel together.

The database of films and shows available on Wuaki.TV is also somewhat small. Whilst it does host a respectable amount of videos from big name Hollywood studios and TV production companies, and could provide anyone with the perfect film for a Saturday night in, real film and television buffs may be left wanting. I was unable to find many of my favourite films (classics and modern classics) which are readily available on Amazon Prime.

Wuaki.TV is still in its Beta design stages and, with the financial backing and expertise of Rakuten, we can expect bigger and better things to come from this still-fledgling service once the full release hits the market.

Thus, here is my final verdict. Wuaki TV fully has the potential to become the best online movie streaming and box office service in the UK. However, it isn’t quite there yet. And if you’re looking for an alternative to Netflix or Amazon Prime I do highly recommend you have a look at Now TV first by clicking the link above.

If brand new, I would recommend you sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial or, if you watch a hell of a lot of movies and are happy to spend a little bit more, click the link to Now TV above. Enjoy the other, more well-established streaming services for now and wait until Wuaki TV is fully out of it’s beta testing stage. I think Wuaki has the full potential to be the best streaming service in the UK.

Sign up to the Wuaki.TV updates mailing list below and I will drop you all a quick email once I think it’s fully up and running at its best and, hopefully, I will be able to provide you with some free special offers too.

Watch this space…

As explained there is a 30 day trial for Wuaki TV and it’s main competitors. So why not try them out until you find the one that best suits you.

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